Sweet Orchids 1 cover

‘Sweet Orchids Resort’

Sweet Orchids Resort is heaven on earth — if you can afford it. Guests enjoy all the gourmet food they can eat, all the vintage wine and top-shelf booze they can drink, and all the smokin’ hot girls they can take any time, any place, and any way they feel like. They’re paying by the day, not by the girl. So the guys all want to get their money’s worth of every earthly delight the resort has to offer.


Gorgeous and naive twins Kelly and Kimberly need money for college, so they answer an ad in their school’s paper. Before they realize what they’re getting into, the girls are on a jet headed to a remote tropical island for seven very full days of brilliant tropical sunshine, seven twinkling starry nights, and steamy, non-stop sex with dozens of guys, quite a few girls, and even — to their surprise — each other!

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The Sub Shop 1 cover

‘The Sub Shop’

It’s the legendary place to go for all your submissive needs. Are you looking for someone to make your party memorable? Or maybe to find a plaything for your every whim? Do you want some expert help training the companion you have to become the companion of your dreams? Mistress Tamara and her crew of enthusiastic subs, doms and switches delight in catering to every client’s individual and particular, and even peculiar, desires. These are just some of the stories from their world.

‘Alicia’s Debut’

She isn’t just going to an elegant party — Alicia’s lovely and curvaceous nude body is sure to make this one a night remember. She’s collared, handcuffed behind her back, and bare naked while being led on a chain for all of the guests to admire. To fondle, to grope, and even to probe anywhere they want. And, come the stroke of midnight, for all of the guests to have. Any way they want.

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Crazy Hot cover

‘Crazy Hot’

She’s hot, OK?

A solid nine out of ten. And shee’s crazy, the guys sitting with her in the noisy club could tell that right away. They know this crazy hot chick just has to be a real fireball in the rack.

And shee’s dangling a whole lot of crazy hot sex, from every direction and in every combination — she swears they’ll have the ride of their lives.


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Jailbait cover


They say fifteen will get you twenty. That’s not strictly true, of course.

In California, for example, it’s a manditory seven year sentence, plus a lifetime as a registered sex offender.

High school sophomore Cherry Hamilton looks way too young to be legal, as any guy with half a brain can see. But she’s also way too lovely to resist. Wealthy men just can’t keep their hands off her, or their pricks out of her, no matter how big the risk.

But if Mom ever finds out, there’s going to be hell to pay.

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Getting Lily Laid cover

‘Getting Lily Laid’

It wasn’t as easy as you’d think.

My dorm mate, the virginal Lily, has been totally, completely and achinging (but chastely) in love with her boyfriend Josh since like forever. He promised to wait until she was ready — and now she was.

I’d done everything a girl could do to help prepare ‘The Perfect Cherry Pop’ for the two lovebirds, but when the moment arrived things started going all to hell.

We were determined to get the job done though, even if I had to climb into the damned bed with them.

I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?

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Nicole In Our Bed cover

‘Nicole In Our Bed’

We’d been thinking about it, talking about it, even joking about it, for years.

I thought it was all just a sexy fantasy, some spicy pillow talk. Something to get him hot. For me.

But now there’s another woman in our bedroom. Young, achingly gorgeous, and undressing very slowly as my husband and I watch from our bed.

And anticipate. Try to imagine.

In a few moments, I’m going to have to decide.

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A Reasonable Compromise cover

‘A Reasonable Compromise’

She said he was boring, so she moved out.

But today’s his birthday, and tonight they’re going out on their first date since the split. He’s thought a lot over during the last few weeks. She’s always been very reserved. He thinks she would be a lot less bored if she opened up a little. So he tests her limits — and then starts to press them.

After an increasingly wild night of eye-opening adventures, they manage to work out a reasonable compromise.

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Stunt Man cover

‘Stunt Man’

It’s late at night, and the cast and crew need just a few last shots before wrapping a porno. And now, the male star can’t perform.

So the director is going to have to step in and take his place. It’s a pretty simple solution to what could be a very sticky situation.

But he really, really doesn’t want to. And he has an excellent reason not to. But he really, really doesn’t want to say why he can’t do it either.

So it looks like he’s stuck.

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Afternoon In La La Land cover

‘Afternoon In La La Land’

A sweltering day, a huge house with a very private swimming pool, a few hours to kill.

A Real Estate agent and her client look the place over in the afternoon’s heat. One thing leads to another, of course. But that’s just the beginning of what turns out to be a very surprising afternoon — for both of them.

While day slowly turns into evening, the story skips lightly through their pasts and the present, dropping hints of things to come (so as to speak).

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